FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know T.R.D. Building Solutions is the right contractor?

-I have over 20 years experience.
-Check our references and if possible take a look at our finished product
-More than 80% of our clients are repeat customers or from referrals
-We keep up to date with local and national building codes

How long will my project take?

-After the estimate has been accepted by you, Kelso will set up a time to meet up with you to go through the project time line and payment schedule before the contract is signed.

What would cause my project to be delayed?

-Homeowners changing the scope of work during their project
-Special order items have varying lead times. Planning, sourcing and ordering will ensure timely delivery
-Unexpected underlying problems that is not visible prior to construction
-Weather Delay

What is a change order?

-A written agreement between the contractor and homeowner when there is an adjustment in the scope of work from the original signed contract.

When would you need a change order?

-The homeowner wants to make changes or requests additional features
-Unforeseen issues not visible prior to construction
-Additional work for trades
-Errors in the design
-Additional inspections or permits are required by the department of building

Is it possible to continue living in my home during the construction process?

Home owners thinking about additions/remodeling to their home or adding other home improvement projects often have a number of questions regarding building permits.
A building permit is needed for all construction projects large or small.  Permits are the way the department of building regulates construction. This is designed to ensure that all construction in the city is safe and meets the building codes.
These permits are beneficial to the property owner.  The department of building with the contractor, schedule visits for their various inspectors to inspect your property at different stages of construction.    This ensure that the works is being completed correctly.

Is our work guaranteed?

All of our work is guaranteed for one year from the date of completion, however we can not be responsible for items purchased by the homeowner we are only responsible for the part of installation of that product.
We can not also be responsible for products that have faulty parts, but of course will do everything possible to get it replaced for the homeowner. We know our clients expect only the best from us so in return we provide top quality craftsmanship & materials that we stand behind.